How to upgrade Adsense hosted to Non-hosted account

How to upgrade Adsense hosted to Non-hosted account

Tips "How to upgrade Adsense hosted to Non hosted account" Upgrading a Google Adsense hosted account to non-hosted is one way to increase revenue. Because seeing the many advantages of non-hosted Adsense accounts, one of them is that advertisements can be installed on any site without having to wait for a review, but it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it requires a long process, many conditions must be fulfilled so that Adsense accounts can be upgraded to non hosted.

Requirements for upgrade to Non hosted account

Before making a request to upgrade the hosted Adsense account to an account that is not hosted, it can be fully approved by the Google team. Here are tips and requirements that you must fulfill:

  • Add main pages like "About us, Contact us, Privacy policy" on your blog.
  • You must have a top-level domain like .com .org .net or .info
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18, no less.
  • When you are over 18, you can use your name as the recipient of the same payment in your bank account.
  • Write high-quality content and don't forget to optimize it with the right keywords for search engines.
  • Your website must have a good design, fast loading, and responsiveness.
  • Has a website theme that looks sophisticated and professional.

How to upgrade to Non-hosted account

🔹First, you must submit a request for an increase in your account, after which your account will be reviewed.

🔹Second, you are told to apply the ad on your site, then the AdSense team will review it again.

After doing both steps, you will get a reply from the Google Adsense team, will be approved or rejected.

Steps to upgrade a Non-hosted account

The following are easy steps to upgrade an hosted AdSense account to non-hosted, as follows:

  1. Login to your AdSense account.
  2. At the top right, you will see a gear icon. Click, and choose Settings.
  3. On the left select the "Access and authorization" section of the Site and select Site authorization.
  4. On the "Show ads on other websites" page that appears, enter the URL of the site where you plan to display the ad.
  5. Click Send.
  6. After sending a request, you must add the Adsense ad code on your site.

Add the AdSense code to your website
  • Login to your AdSense account, visit the My Ads tab.
  • From the sidebar, select "Content."
  • Click + new ad unit button.
  • In the next step enter the name of your ad and adjust it.
  • Click Save and get the code.

🔸Or you can create a new ad, and put it in the blog sidebar so that it is easily visible when reviewed by the Google Adsense team.

🔸After all your step by step steps, the Google team will review your request manually. This can take several days or maybe even one week.

🔸You will get an email about approval or rejection.

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