Let me introduce! My name is Haris, I come from Indonesia. I was born to a large family, I am the 11th child of 14 siblings.

Childhood and hobby! I like to write and read from a young age. Sometimes in my spare time, I also take the time to write the story of my journey and life. But there is nothing that I have published on any site, because I have not been interested in publishing it.

Aside from my hobby of writing and reading, I also have another hobby, which is fishing. In my opinion, fishing is cool, and can learn to be patient, therefore, if I go on vacation I go fishing with friends.

What is the specific purpose of creating this website?

Actually there is no specific purpose, but I will provide complete information about what would be useful for loyal readers on this website.

Note: For the topics that I write are based on reliable sources, in essence, I write not just my imaginary essence. Need a reference source that is necessary!