Know before you advertise!

If you are a small, medium, or relatively large businessman. And still rely on conventional sales methods. Then now you want to develop a new business. By using digital technology as a tool to get consumers. There are several points that you must realize before you start your digital strategy.

If you have a motive, get consumers from your digital ad. The fundamental factors that you know are the products you sell.

Actually it is or in high search conditions. In other languages ​​the products you sell are already trusted by the public. And it is known as a product that if used or consumed will not disappoint.

The author gives an example, for example the product you sell is a service, this has become a factor that makes the best service seekers, will pursue your product. Where the products you offer no longer need time to be introduced. So that the true introductory session has passed the critical period, where you just add a distinguishing factor. What makes potential customers who see your ad must buy it to you.

Then the possibility of your product being a product that explodes can be very small. Or your ad will have the opposite effect on brand owners.

What makes your prospective customers prefer buying to other companies. Now by understanding this advertising motive, you also have a benchmark to calculate the impact of your investment. What investment will you make at the low, middle or high level.

In the case of placing advertisements from known products. You are actually doing a low-cost investment as long as the author mentioned before. You still provide a distinguishing value (or uniqueness) and strong argument why your product must be purchased by consumers.

Furthermore, as a trader, you must have full awareness. About the role of consumers in the growth of your business. And you also should understand about the characteristics of consumers who are shopping for you. Some basic things that are often forgotten may also be ignored. Like the factors of age, gender, marital status, employment and total income.

Then based on these data you can provide analysis. And make a number of shopping scenarios from the side of consumers and your products. Including based on the existing scenario you can also put your product in number priority from the consumer side. This short, short writing does require data that is not only in terms of consumer profile but also must contain data from the product side. To ensure that what you do in your digital plan is a form that has strong goals and motives.

Weak reasons and goals that run away from the basics of putting up an advert will only be a waste of time for you, a waste that only consumes resources without weighing on whether the investment leads to a measurable goal or meets the motivation of the business model you wake up. The stronger the motiv you have and the clearer and easier to understand goals, the more you will lighten the benchmark for your advertising plan. And it's easier to fix it if a failure or error occurs so that adaptation to the situation allows you and your team to realize changes and uncertainties.

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